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In this introductory level course designed for business managers and executives, technology guru Emmanuel Henri explores and de-mystifies the IoT—AKA, the Internet of Things. In essence, he defines the concepts, technologies, and challenges that underlie the IoT; explores the many ways it’s deployed today; outlines the toolsets used to create IoT products; and describes the methods successful businesses use to develop and manage their IoT initiatives.

  • Master the basics of IoT technology, IoT terminology, and IoT security threats
  • Understand the differences between the Internet of things versus the industry of things
  • See examples of home-based IoT devices in action and how these devices affect everyday life
  • Explore the IoT technologies commonly used to build IoT tools and applications
  • Discover the web resources you can easily access to get more information about IoT
  • Learn about the resources and skills businesses need to develop their IoT product initiatives
  • Acquire the knowledge you need to confidently discuss, plan, and manage IoT initiatives

What Is IoT