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While the Internet has revolutionized commerce, its conveniences and uses come at the price of new perils. In fact, without an online defense, any company and its customers can become victims of fraud, identity theft, data theft and property damage. As a matter of fact, creating and implementing an effective online security plan is vital in keeping a business safe. However, how can the non-technical business manager participate in such planning without the language and understanding required to do so? In this course, Emmanuel Henri explores the basics of cybersecurity from a layman’s perspective. Instructor Henri discusses what cybersecurity is and why it’s important; he details the conversations managers must have with their teams to set the proper security initiatives and hire the proper staff; he explores the cybersecurity resources managers can easily tap into; and finishes by demonstrating the ways cybersecurity measures are applied in real life.

  • Learn the basic principles of cybersecurity from a non-technical perspective
  • Understand the most common attacks and what to do when your business is attacked
  • Discover the preventative security measures you can take to protect your business
  • Learn about the skill sets your company needs to build and maintain security
  • Master the ability to confidently discuss cybersecurity plans with team members

What Is Cybersecurity?