A new financial platform


StockAI is a new platform leveraging AI and social networking


to provide insights into any businesses




Startups, SMBs or large enterprises are often in need of loans, funding or investments. StockAI provides a way for financial institutions, investors or anyone in need of better information about an enterprise. And that, in order to gain deep insights based on several financial approaches combined into one tool.


In development since early 2018, StockAI is still in progress and testing. However, our goal is to slowly add users to test our algorithms integrated with AI throughout the next year or so before we make it available to the public.


The Application

Our Approach

  • We use several methods to analyze business data such as fundamental analysis, stock analysis, news sentiment analysis and more to provide a complete picture of the business.
  • The objective is to be able to analyze businesses of all sizes and any stage of their lifecycle (seed, startup, SMB, growth, Fortune 500 companies, etc.).
  • The objective is to provide the software as an online subscription service with different offering so it is available to people with different budgets and needs.


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