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React, due to its simplicity and design patterns, has been for me personally the one framework I always go to first when developing applications. And I’ve taught many courses on the subject across Lynda/Linkedin Learning and O’reilly. So, I wanted to provide for newbies the perfect path to learn this framework. Starting with the basics all the way through extending your mobile and VR programming with the React Native and ReactVR libraries. We’ll cover first the fundamental subjects and then move on to intermediary subjects.

Sorry for the superhero analogy, but I am both a superhero (Marvel mostly) and React fanatic so this is perfect!

And if you have some experience with any of the topics advance to the next one. I also assume you have some HTML/CSS/JavaScript experience so you don’t get too lost in the details of the syntax. If not I would recommend to take a basic JS course where they give you the basics of ES6 syntax.

Disclaimer: needless to say I am promoting a lot of my courses on this learning path but if you prefer you can replace this with any course on the same topic

Become a React superhero

So let’s start with React basics:

  • Thinking in React : This is a great introduction to provide an understanding of how to think when writing React.
  • React ecosystem : This course will give you an overview of the existing React ecosystem and its purpose.
  • Building a React app from scratch : In this course I go over the basics of React while building an application.
  • Working with Styles in React : In this course I explore several options for styling your components.
  • Learn React routing : In this course I explore the basics of routing with React Router (V4)
  • Working with APIs : Now it’s time to start working with external APIs in React and I go over the basics (with a project) how to work with data.
  • State & lifecycle : As a final step for basic React it’s important to get an introduction to the state and lifecycle methods. Which we’ve used in many courses above, but this will reinforce your understanding of this important topic.

So this is a great way to get started on your learning path with React.