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In order to change the future, you might need to learn new skills to create your new product or feature or even change your organization altogether. This section is all about learning and finding courses or articles we’ve created over the years. You can search for a specific course subject or browse through the tags to find what you’re looking for. Be bold, learn something new.

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  • Declarative React: Learning React Router 4
    Declarative React: Learning React Router 4

    Link to course: If you are looking for a best-in-class routing option for React, well look no further than React Router 4. It provides a great library for your React or React Native ...

  • React Architecture: Working with Flux and Redux
    React Architecture: Working with Flux and Redux

    Link to course: While state management tools and concepts help growing applications handle data. UI changes more effectively because they allow developers to better predict and control ...

  • Building a React App from Scratch
    Building a React App from Scratch

    Link to course: Ready to React? This course shows you how to build a React application, as a notepad project, from start to finish. We go through a setup of the tools you need; explain the basics ...

  • What Is IoT
    What Is IoT?

    Link to course: In this introductory level course designed for business managers and executives, technology guru Emmanuel Henri explores and de-mystifies the IoT—AKA, the Internet of Things. In essence,

  • What Is AI
    What Is AI?

    Link to course: What is artificial intelligence? What are the technologies that drive it and how do companies deploy it in successful and practical ways? Technology consultant Emmanuel Henri answers ...

  • What Is Cybersecurity?
    What Is Cybersecurity?

    Link to course: While the Internet has revolutionized commerce, its conveniences and uses come at the price of new perils. In fact, without an online defense, any company and its customers ...

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