Pushing Humanity Forward

Welcome to Algofields, where we push humanity forward through products, innovations and education. Let’s see how our product consulting firm does this.


You might need to brush up or learn new skills to build your own product. Over the years our consulting firm has built a library of courses in partnership with Linkedin, Pluralsight and several others. On top, we constantly write about product development and related articles. You can learn anything from programming through UX designs and more by visiting the learn section filled with articles and courses for almost any product skills.

Our Projects

Our consulting firm has been building products for a decade, and our founder before that at Fortune 500 companies as part of their product development management teams. So our agency can literally take you from the original idea all the way to the launch of your product. However, we are also working on our own BHAG (big hairy audacious goal – Built to last book by Jim Collins) ideas and soon to be released. To see what we’re concocting, visit “Our Projects” section. 

You Innovate

First if you’re itching to build your own startup or a product, our product development services can help you get there from any starting point. To get started, visit the “You Innovate” section and learn about the process, then brainstorm your own product with our questionnaire or work with our consulting agency to bring your vision to reality. Depending on your budget and needs, our agency has something to help you get started on your product journey.


We Push the Boundaries of Technology & Science

At Algofields, we push the boundaries of technology and science to further humanity on a daily basis through our services or our own projects. Each of our projects are innovating in either science or technology. For example, our codenamed project “MG4N” is an environmental project in the feasibility stage to rid our planet of plastic pollution. “StockAI” is an AI driven platform to be released soon, where institutions, lenders and anyone can help access to quick business evaluation services to make better decisions when funding and investing in companies.

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